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Motorcycle Trike Vacations

Motorcycle trikes are increasingly popular, especially for touring and sightseeing. These motorcycles--with two wheels in the back instead of one--provide a more stable ride, especially with a passenger car and they handle dirt and gravel without a problem. Plus, they are easier to drive in stop-and-go traffic. Whether you are renting or own a motorcycle trike, there are some great vacations you can take that allow you the fun of riding in the open while enjoying wonderful scenery.

Here are some of our top picks:

Smoky Mountains

  • The area in the western end of North Carolina and the eastern end of Tennessee is home to the Great Smoky Mountains, a haven for great motorcycle trike rides. Take a trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway, tool through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, take in native American culture and crafts in Cherokee, N.C., visit the famous Biltmore Estates in Asheville, N.C. or enjoy a stay in a rustic lodge in Franklin, North Carolina. The entire area is full of scenic drives and comfortable accommodations, as rustic or refined as the driver could want. Knoxville, Tennessee, is home to the annual Honda Hoot rally in June, so visitors can combine mountain scenery with a great rally. Bikers will appreciate the stability of the motorcycle trike on the twisting mountain roads as well.


  • There are a number of rallies as well as some great scenery in the southwest deserts of the U.S., and motorcycle trikes are a great way to see them all. Begin in New Mexico, with its interesting cultures and mild climate. Grants is an hour west of Albuquerque, and hosts the Fire and Ice bike Rally annually. Another great place for a ride is to to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, where you can enjoy the amazing rock formations and desert mesas.


  • Yellowstone is a great place for a road trip, and motorcycle trikes make the trip even better. Whether staying in a lodge or at one of the campsites, driving through the scenery and watching the wildlife on an open motorcycle trike makes the trip more intense. Traveling in Yellowstone means passing through prairies, forests, mile-high mountain passes and, of course, large fields of hot springs and geysers.


  • California offers a wide variety of scenery for the motorcycle trike rider. The Pacific Coast Highway 1 is a perennial favorite. The winding road with the Pacific on one side and wooded hills and rolling farms on the other is striking. The Santa Barbara-Ventura County Loop takes a trike rider through every kind of terrain: coastal, farm, mountain, fields, gorges and rivers. California Highway 36 in the northern part of the state has miles of twisty roads, elevation changes and views of giant redwoods.

The Advantages of a Trike

The trike is a motorized, three-wheeled vehicle that is created by adding an extra wheel to a motorcycle. Learning to ride a trike is easy if you keep in mind that riding one is not the same as riding a motorcycle. For instance, turning a motorcycle is achieved by leaning in the direction in which you want to turn. However, to turn a trike, you need to push the handlebars slowly in the direction of the turn without making an abrupt movement, because the handlebars are highly responsive. 

There are four primary advantages to riding a trike over other motorbikes:


  • Trikes can be easily balanced regardless of weight, unlike motorcycles, which need to be balanced using your legs, especially when stopping or at a standstill. So you do not need to straddle the trike and use your legs while stopping at a red light. Moreover, because of the three wheels, a trike is far more stable and less likely to tip over.


  • If you are riding at high speeds, a trike is much easier to control than a motorcycle. If the road is treacherous because it is wet or slippery, the trike is less likely to skid or turn over. If the road is coated with ice because of harsh winter conditions, the trike is much more stable and easier to ride than a motorcycle.


  • If you have a medical disability such as an injured leg, or if you are getting older and find it difficult to balance a motorcycle, a trike is the vehicle for you. You don't have to put your feet down when you stop, and you will not get tired driving in stop-and-go traffic conditions.


  • Unlike a motorcycle, passengers are not liable to fall off the vehicle when it is driven over rough ground. They do not need to balance themselves to steady the vehicle. Because carrying a passenger on a trike is so convenient, even older or disabled passengers can ride in comfort. A trike has much more to offer in terms of luggage-carrying capacity, as well as passenger comfort, and the luggage capacity can be greatly enhanced by using a trailer.

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