About Me

This trike for sale $28,000.00 

 Hello and thank you for looking at my listing I am Dennis Cope and was co- owner of Trike

World ltd from the 70's 6611 Compton blvd . Paramount Ca. 90723. For those of you that

were ever in my factory in the 70's you would know We were the Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's

original v8 trike builders of the time. With Leon Dailey and myself we built about 22 of the

Roth designs, many still on the market today.

Now living in Bisbee Az, we are recreating a time gone by. If you ever dreamed of building

your own v8 trike I can help you . We specialize in building rolling chassis for both old school

Chevy's and new. And yes, Ford lovers, we build a new school trike chassis just for you.

We also build old school trikes like the original Ed " Big Daddy " Roth with the gas tank in the

rear covered by our body, as well as our new school design with the gas tank in the front.

For $6,500.00 You get:

1. Old school hand built frame or

2. New school hand built frame

3. New 59 mm 8" over inverted chrome front end

4. 16" or 19" front wheel

5. Harley 5" extended Gas tank if you choose new school

6. New 36 " shorten 9" ford rear end machine work none by trange engineering

7. New shorten heavy duty axle made my mosier. Your chose of bolt pattern 5x4.5 or

5x5 or 5x5.5.

8. We use rimes that we have on hand at the time of offer

9. Drive shaft we have are specially made about 5" long at center of u-joint Option: it is ever

thing else you would want and could build yourself.

If you are interested I have 2 chevys and 2 ford in the process of being built. If you ever

dreamed of having a v8 powered trike , we will help you every step of the way.